Mary Sobin Jewell
422 US Route 206, Hillsborough NJ 08844 
United States
(908) 874-8080
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A high honors Graduate  from West Chester   University with a Bachelor of Music degree.

After graduation, Mary continued clarinet studies with the late Kalmen Opperman of New York City. 

Later on, she collaberated with Kal in arranging many works for clarinet and stringed instruments. 

Mary has a deep passion for arranging and orchestration.

A teacher of all phases of music for over 35 years, including piano, clarinet, voice, recorder, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, flute, trombone and music theory.

Mary has performed with the Rutgers Collegium Musicum, The Plainfield Symphony, and the Brio Wind Ensemble. She is currently performing on clarinet with the George Krauss Memorial Band and on the piano with John Nobile's Summerswing Orchestra.


Mission Statement

" Through my knowledge and life experiences, my wish is to nurture and promote self-esteem and enhance creativity through music.  To invoke the thought to always keep an open mind to all the possibilities the world has to offer, but more importantly what you have to offer it.  To instill the belief to never give up on yourself or your dreams.  To achieve this will be my greatest success."...         

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